Diamond Ring

Diamond ring

A 80-year old woman was diagnose with cancer. She had only 3-4 months left at most. She lived alone in a big house where she and her husband raised their 5 kids. Now all her kids were grown up; Each went their own way. A middle-aged Mexican woman took care of her.
One day her very expensive diamond ring got disappeared. It was nowhere to be found. She was quite sure that her maid stole the ring. It was one of low things that one human being might do to another. How could she do that to old and very sick woman who was paying her quite well for the care?

When her the eldest daughter visited her, the woman told her about disappearance of her ring. The daughter said, “it can’t be the maid. It would have been too obvious.” Her mother objected, “You think that I have just become forgetful? I still have a good memory. I clearly remember where I put it last time. It was very dear to me. I had been through a lot with that ring.” The daughter did not want to fire the maid without any evidence for the allegation. She was reluctant to involve detectives and have her interrogated.

Her mother was in such a despair. The daughter said, ‘Mother, at this point in your life, does it really matter? Should you care so much about that piece of jewelry? No ring is so important to make you unhappy for days. You still have those memories of your happiest moments. Association of personal belongings with experiences are too often exaggerated.’ This got the old woman thinking. She knew that her daughter was right. Victimizing herself and blaming was causing so much pain. After that, she gave away most her stuff to the family. Even the maid got a nice painting. She brought it to her house and hang it on the living room wall.

After a few months, the woman passed away. The house was about to put for sale. When they were cleaning it out, they found the diamond ring which was stuck between the bed frame and mattress.

For $100, you can eat a doughnut covered in gold flake and icing made from Cristal Champagne

Gold Donut

A Filipino restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is selling a gold-coated champagne doughnut for $100.

Manila Social Club is known for its ube doughnuts, which are purple and cost $40 per dozen. Ube jam, which comes from mashing purple yams, is used in Filipino desserts.

The golden ube doughnut has icing made with Cristal champagne and it’s filled with ube mousse and champagne jelly. The outside is flecked with 24-karat gold.

Some New Yorkers have apparently been willing to put down $1,200 for an order of a dozen. Gold is trading at $1,075 an ounce.

Where to sell gold in Pittsburgh ?

Selling gold for cash is not a bad idea in financial hardship. You may be in a situation that you just need to make your bill payment, want extra cash or simply just couldn’t make it to the payday. At this situation cashing gold can be one of the fastest solution.

Gold buying business is growing in millions of dollars in the US since gold price hit $1900 in 2011. This inspired today’s gold hunters strike in hundreds to open up new pawnshops to buy gold and sell.

Maybe you have already seen cash for gold signs around the city. Finding the real experts among the gold buyers can be burdensome; if you don’t know what your gold is worth then you may risk selling it to shady businesses. Here’s the list of things you should know before you take it to any pawnshop or any gold buyers.

First, you must do your research online before you take your gold anywhere. Today’s modern technology allows anyone to get all the information about any local business online not leaving your home. Choose the store that has more customer feedback and reviews.

Second, you ought to find out purity of your gold. Look at your items ( jewelry, coin, rings etc ) and check it’s purity. Usually it’s marked with 10k, 14k, or 18k etc. or it’s marked with numbers like 417, 585 or etc. These numbers show purity of gold. For example, if you have a ring made with 10k gold, it means ring has 41.7 percent pure gold in it. So the higher carat is, the more pure gold it has. It means that you should expect to get more money for your gold as it’s purity goes up.

If you can’t find any mark or can’t figure out whether it’s gold or not then you can just take it to any gold buying shop and get it tested there. You can also order a testing kit online. Jewelry’s purity needs to be checked by testing processes such as an acid/scratch test, electronic tester, or X-ray fluorescence scan. Presence of stamp is not enough since fraud has become more common in the current gold rush. One might find illegitimate markings on jewelry quite often.

Third, you need to look up a spot price. You can use websites like goldprice.org to find out current the gold price, which is usually given in dollar amount per troy ounce.

If you are in a gold buying shop, an associate can weigh your piece of jewelry and coins, for you. It is your call to ask jeweler to explain how they do appraisals. Let’s say you have a gold bracelet that has 14K mark on it and it weighs 10 gram. A shop is offering you $100. You can ask how much he is paying for each gram and what percentage of market/spot price he is offering.

You even can find out your gold’s value yourself by using simple math. 10 grams of 14K bracelet has 58 percent pure gold, so 58 percent of 10 grams is 5.8 grams. So your bracelet has 5.8 gram of pure gold. Next you look at the spot price online. Price is for 1 troy ounce of gold. As there are 31.1 grams in 1 troy ounce, the spot price divided by 31.1 brings out the price of gold for each gram. This way you know what your gold is worth before you even visit any shops for a quote. The reason you want to do this kind of calculation is that you will be able to spot which shop is offering a fair price.

Well established, reputable businesses pay at least 75 percent of the market price, they then sell it to refiners for over 90% of the market price. If they don’t tell you what percentage of the spot price they are paying, then it’s a red flag.

If your jewelry has stones or diamonds, then you can ask to get paid for them. Most stones have no resale value or hard to find a buyer, however diamonds are worth a good amount of money. You can negotiate a price for diamonds. Usually gold buyers offer you to remove the stones and give them back to you since they are paying only for gold.

These are some tips you can use if you are looking for places to sell gold. It is always a good idea to choose the one has more customer reviews and feedbacks. Make sure that establishment is permanent and reputable. Ask plenty of questions and make sure that they are being transparent about how they determine the value of your gold.
These techniques help you get the most cash for your gold, silver or platinum.

Gold Futures Advance on Outlook for U.S. Rates

Gold Futures Advance on Outlook for U.S. Rates, Europe Inflation

Gold futures rose for the second straight day amid forecasts that U.S. borrowing costs will hold at a record low and European inflation will pick up gradually.

Expectations that interest rates won’t rise until mid-2015 are appropriate, William Dudley, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, said today. European Central Bank President Mario Draghi said that the inflation rate will gain in the next 30 months, damping deflation risks. Yesterday, gold climbed after U.S. service industries expanded in February at the slowest pace in four years.

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California $10m gold coin cache spurs rush of theories

19th century gold coins found in California

One of the 19th century gold coins found in California. Photograph: Kagin’s Inc /AFP /Getty Images

Word last week that a Northern California couple found $10 million in gold coins while walking their dog has set off a Gold Rush of theories over who left behind all that loot.

“Scores of people” have apparently contacted the San Francisco Chronicle to offer their theories – or claim the money as their own.

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Key driver of gold

Key driver of gold in 2014: physical demand

Demand for physical gold out of China and other emerging markets has become the key driver of bullion prices, according to HSBC, as the rampant outflows from exchange traded funds (ETF) seen last year begin to stabilize.

“Investment demand, which had fueled the rally for over a decade, is no longer driving gold prices,” James Steel analyst at HSBC wrote in a report on Tuesday.

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China Biggest Driver of Gold Prices

China Now Biggest Driver of Gold Prices, HSBC Says

China’s buying of gold jewelry, coins and bars is now the biggest driver of prices, not investment demand from the West, according to HSBC Global Research.

“We would argue that physical demand trends in the emerging world will largely define gold’s price movements this year,” HSBC analysts James Steel and Howard Wen said in a research note.

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