Why should I sell my gold to Gold Rush Company?

We, Gold Rush Company, strive to achieve satisfaction for all of our customers.
 We understand that our main goal for this business is to offer the true top dollar for any item that is presented to us. 
By aligning individual item(s) together with our institutional customers, we are able to go to the market and negotiate a much higher price than a local jeweler thus cutting out the middleman and passing the savings to our Sellers. 
We understand that your jewelry might have sentimental value so that’s why we have established a reputation of paying the highest prices possible.

How much will I receive for my item(s)?

In order to properly answer this question, we would need to take in to account the karat percentage, weight, and the market price at the time. Each gold is different depending upon contents. In other words, the greater the overall amount, the higher the payment.
But keep in mind, just because you paid retail price for an item, the price is going to be much less when its time to sell. Retail jewelers tend to have one of the highest mark up in prices of any industry.
Overall, we can estimate that 99% of our Sellers are satisfied with the payment.

Are there any hidden fees for selling my gold?

No. There are absolutely no fees that you will incure when you deal with us.

How I receive my payment?

You will receive Cash on the spot for the items you have sold.

Do you pay for the stones set in jewelry?

We compensate for semi-precious stones based on their resale value.

What if I refer a friend to Gold Rush Company?

Refer a friend and you will receive 10% cash Commission.

What does 10k, 14k, 18k mean?

As we know gold purity is rated in Karats (also spelt Carats), and each Karat breaks down to in terms of pure gold. Each Karat of gold represents 4.167% gold content with 24 karats at 100% gold.

Is my silver worth anything?

Yes! It is not nearly as valuable as gold but silver does at up and can put a pretty chunk of change in your pocket.

Can I keep the stones in my jewelry?

Legally, we’re not able to remove stones for you. You can remove them before you bring it in to sell, but otherwise all we’re able to do is deduct a small bit of the weight.

Do you pay more than other places for gold?

Simply because quality and honesty are paramount. It is what our customers have come to expect and deserve. We are strong believers in building solid relationships. Trust and honesty are essential components of our business philosophy.