Diamond Ring

Diamond ring

A 80-year old woman was diagnose with cancer. She had only 3-4 months left at most. She lived alone in a big house where she and her husband raised their 5 kids. Now all her kids were grown up; Each went their own way. A middle-aged Mexican woman took care of her.
One day her very expensive diamond ring got disappeared. It was nowhere to be found. She was quite sure that her maid stole the ring. It was one of low things that one human being might do to another. How could she do that to old and very sick woman who was paying her quite well for the care?

When her the eldest daughter visited her, the woman told her about disappearance of her ring. The daughter said, “it can’t be the maid. It would have been too obvious.” Her mother objected, “You think that I have just become forgetful? I still have a good memory. I clearly remember where I put it last time. It was very dear to me. I had been through a lot with that ring.” The daughter did not want to fire the maid without any evidence for the allegation. She was reluctant to involve detectives and have her interrogated.

Her mother was in such a despair. The daughter said, ‘Mother, at this point in your life, does it really matter? Should you care so much about that piece of jewelry? No ring is so important to make you unhappy for days. You still have those memories of your happiest moments. Association of personal belongings with experiences are too often exaggerated.’ This got the old woman thinking. She knew that her daughter was right. Victimizing herself and blaming was causing so much pain. After that, she gave away most her stuff to the family. Even the maid got a nice painting. She brought it to her house and hang it on the living room wall.

After a few months, the woman passed away. The house was about to put for sale. When they were cleaning it out, they found the diamond ring which was stuck between the bed frame and mattress.

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